Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction drives our operations and culture, ensuring that all of our companies provide exceptional products and services. Each member of our family of companies brings unique strengths and capabilities, allowing us to serve diverse industries and markets. Whether you’re looking for precision machining, custom signage, or compaction equipment, our family of companies has the solutions you need to succeed. Explore our companies below to learn more.


UniPunch manufactures modular c-frame press tooling. Our hole-punching system helps our customers speed up their operations. We help manufacturers who are drilling or milling one hole at a time switch to UniPunch and punch multiple holes in seconds. Our customers come from numerous industries and produce a wide variety of metal parts that need holes. UniPunch offers a broad product line of standard components that are readily available off-the-shelf and can also modify components to meet the specific requirements of a customer’s part. 

Premax manufactures utility asset marking systems. Our products are made from premium quality aluminum and are designed to outlast the outdoors. Our embossed tags look clean and sharp and are easy to read, which is very important to our customers in the utility industry. An accurately marked pole is the last bit of insurance the lineman has before he or she makes the climb to keep America safely powered. In addition to the utility industry, our numbers and letters are used for marking farms, vineyards, boats, property corners, solar farms and more. 


MRL manufactures military products for the U.S Armed Forces. We have produced a variety of vehicle track components for over 25 years. MRL is ISO 9001:2015 certified and we take pride in our ability to consistently provide accurate, cost-effective parts in a timely manner. Our skilled machinists, supplier relationships and large inventory set us apart and allow us to provide precision parts that meet the evolving demand from our fighting forces. 

Hudson Machine and Tool is known for precision machining. Many of our jobs are short runs of complex parts. We have dozens of CNC stations, and our large-capacity machining capability sets us apart. One of our specialties is manufacturing stainless steel processing and packaging equipment that complies with food safety regulations. Our products help manufacturers in numerous industries. We supply the high caliber parts that keep our customers going. 

New Beuthling manufactures asphalt compaction equipment. We offer a variety of sizes and models of machines to fit our customers’ needs. Ranging from 1-3 tons, our machines are one of the most solid, mid-sized lines of self-propelled compaction equipment. Our compaction equipment is commonly used for pedestrian walkways, bike paths, golf course paths, driveways, and sport courts. Our machines are designed to be efficient, durable, and easy to operate, making them an excellent choice for projects of all sizes. 

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NX Steel fabricates and installs various welded structural steel products, including staircases, platforms, balcony and stair railings, pergolas, clear span beams, and steel moment frames for large walls of windows.  Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, we have the skills and experience to turn your vision into reality. Our dedicated engineering team and diverse fabrication capabilities allow us to partner with you every step of the way, from design to installation. 

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At NX Coatings, we understand the importance of a flawless finish for your projects. Our paint and powder coating services ensure superior quality, durability, and protection for a wide range of applications. We take pride in delivering finishes that enhance both the aesthetics and longevity of your products.

The Unittool system is a catalogue of units that can be used alongside one another to punch holes and notched edges to make a part. In 2022, UniPunch and Unittool joined forces. This initiative merged the product offering, sales channels and manufacturing to efficiently serve the entire marketplace with both brands from a single location.

For over two decades, Thomas Industries has been a leader in precision sheet metal fabrication and enclosures, delivering superior solutions in quality, value, and innovation. 

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