Precision Machining

Explore the core of Noble-X’s capabilities — precision machining. Our facilities utilize state-of-the-art equipment to deliver high-quality, precise components for a variety of industries.

Milling Machines

Our Precision Machining Capabilities

  • CNC Milling and Turning: Advanced CNC machines provide versatility and precision for both small and large components.
  • EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining): Ideal for intricate shapes and high-tolerance parts in hard materials.
  • Grinding: Ensures extremely precise surface finishes and tight tolerances. Each technique is supported by our experienced machinists and cutting-edge technology.

Materials We Work With

Noble-X handles a diverse range of materials to meet different industry needs:

  • Metals (Aluminum, Steel, Titanium)
  • Plastics
  • Fiberglass
  • Additional specialty materials
6 Plasma Cut Blanks After Milling

Industries We Serve

Our precision machining services cater to various sectors, ensuring top-tier quality and performance:

  • Aerospace
  • Medical Devices
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Industrial Applications

Why Choose Noble-X?

  • Expertise: Decades of experience in delivering precisely machined parts.
  • Technology: Equipped with the latest machining technology for superior results.
  • Custom Solutions: Ability to provide tailored solutions based on specific client needs.
  • Quality Assurance: Commitment to high standards ensures top-quality output.

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