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At Noble-X, we specialize in precision CNC turning with our advanced horizontal and vertical CNC lathes. Our Swiss lathes offer a high level of precision and production efficiency, complemented by a 12’ bar feed capacity, ensuring that we can meet your custom CNC turning needs with utmost accuracy.

Custom Solutions and Cost-Effective Production

Our team carefully selects the best lathe for your specific part design, utilizing cell production turning and live tooling lathes to minimize costly setups and operations. These innovative approaches enable us to pass on significant savings in time and cost to you, all while maintaining our commitment to quality. Noble-X operates both bar feed and manually loaded machines to accommodate a wide range of part designs, large volume, or small volume production run lot sizes.

Expertise and Capacity for Optimal Results

Our experienced production team designs a process flow that leverages our extensive inventory of lathes, ensuring that you receive the most cost-effective part in the shortest possible time. We have the capacity to work with 12’ bar lengths in our bar feed operations and parts up to 14” diameter by 32” length in our manually loaded lathes.

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