With our large inventory of cutting-edge CNC machines and skilled machinists, Noble-X is proud to be your CNC milling solution. Our variety of machines and skillset allow us to take in everything from large industrial CNC milling jobs to small batch custom CNC parts. We operate both horizontal and vertical milling centers, most of which with a 4th axis, that have the capacity to work on pieces up to 14 feet in length. We also work on a variety of materials from cast iron, to stainless, to tool steels ranging from the annealed to the fully hardened state.

Our in-house team of engineers and over 25 years of machining experience allow us to design a production flow that produces the highest quality CNC milled parts in the least amount of time and most cost-effective way possible. Please visit our capabilities page to view a detailed list of our CNC milling machines.

Milling Machines

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