Choosing to become a machinist can be a highly rewarding career path for those who enjoy working with their hands and solving complex problems. Machinists use specialized equipment to create precision parts and components for a wide range of industries. They work with a variety of materials, from metals to plastics and composites, and use their expertise to turn raw materials into finished products that meet exacting specifications. Many machinists at Noble-X work four 10 hour shifts and get to enjoy a three day weekend. The work of a machinist can be challenging and highly technical, but for those who enjoy problem-solving and hands-on work, this career is for you!

Interesting Projects

As a machinist, you’ll have the opportunity to work on interesting and challenging projects, such as machining parts for military equipment, cutting gears and automating processes.

Comprehensive Training

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or are looking for a change, we provide comprehensive training. For our machinist jobs, a degree is not required.

Career Advancement

Machinists have the potential to advance their careers by pursuing specialized training and certifications, leading to higher-paying positions and more challenging projects. Cross-training opportunities also allow them to expand their skillset and take on new responsibilities within our organization, potentially moving into other departments such as sales or welding and fabrication. By committing to learning and professional development, machinists can build a fulfilling and long-lasting career in this dynamic and exciting field.

6+ Weeks of Paid Vacation

Our competitive benefits package includes a 401K match, more than 6 weeks paid leave time, paid sick time, health, dental, life, short-term disability, long-term disability insurance and 12 weeks paid leave for the arrival of a child.

Shop & Office Positions Available

Noble-X offers more than just machining positions. We provide a clean, safe environment and excellent pay for our team members. Consider joining Noble-X today!