Industrial Painting

At Noble-X, we have taken the step forward in expanding our commitment to serving your industrial needs. Our newly acquired facility, NX Coatings, specializes in industrial painting, allowing us to offer you a comprehensive suite of services to enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of your products.

Precision Coatings for a Range of Industries

We excel in applying commercial coatings to a diverse spectrum of industrial products, ensuring longevity, protection, and visual appeal. Our expertise extends to industries such as automotive, marine, agriculture, and beyond. Whether you require coatings for small lots or numerous components, we’ve got you covered.

State-of-the-Art Equipment 

Our dedication to quality and precision is reflected in our top-of-the-line equipment. At NX Coatings, we complete your projects with the following resources:

Powder Coating Excellence

Our spacious oven for powder coating parts measures at: 6 ft. tall x 6 ft. wide x  11.5 ft. long. This cutting-edge facility allows us to provide powder coating services that meet quality industry standards.

Mastering Wet Painting

Our wet paint booth is equally impressive, measuring at: 8.5 ft. tall x  9.5 ft. wide x 27 ft. long. With this exceptional setup, we deliver quality wet painting results, enhancing the aesthetics and protection of your products.

A Clean Start

In our washroom, measuring: 78 in. tall x 86 in. wide x 10.5 ft. long, we ensure that your components are thoroughly cleaned and prepped before the application of coatings. This meticulous process guarantees optimal adhesion and long-lasting results.

Discover the NX Coatings difference today, where every project is a masterpiece in the making. Whether it’s about protection, aesthetics, or both, we’re here to exceed your expectations. Contact us today about your project!

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