Weldment Conversion
to Casting

Noble-X helps manufacturers convert weldments to castings. There are numerous benefits to converting a welded part to a casting:

  • Saves labor time 
  • Reduces part numbers and inventory of sub-assemblies
  • Increases the durability of the product
  • Improves the dimensional accuracy and quality of the finished product
  • Reduces assembly time

Noble-X has partnered with a local ISO certified foundry for many years. The foundry pours our sister company’s C-frame ductile iron castings, which require machining to tight tolerances. Our experience machining a variety of castings including valve, pump, transmission housing, wheel hub and plow wearable castings give us the skills to serve your manufacturing needs.

Need assistance in determining if your part is a good candidate for a conversion to casting? Contact Noble-X today! 


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